"I have always had the view that what we do should reflect our morals and values and should demonstrate how we wish for the world to move forward. For me, that means making objects that help design a way of living and thinking. More specifically, I focus on creating furniture pieces that enrich perspectives on life and make the details of every day beautiful. I believe that living alongside carefully considered objects can enhance the quality of an individual's experience and promote constructive and creative outlooks.
    I aim to create pieces that explore form through juxtaposition and to develop objects which obtain characteristics unique to furniture. My pieces are always experimental and attempt to balance rational design and logical function with sculptural qualities.
    My ultimate goal is for people who interact with my work to look at life a little differently and appreciate the small things a little bit more. I firmly believe that if someone is able to enjoy doing their taxes because they are working on a beautifully crafted table which I made, then I have succeeded."