The Piega (fold) cabinet is made of solid walnut and finished with an ebonizing solution made of vinegar and steel wool used to darken the wood. The cabinet is designed to suggest a sense of folding, pleats, creases and overlaying forms within a simple rectangular object.

The balance between the complexity of the "folding" and the subtle details allows for the piece to be visually stimulating rather than confusing the nature of the object. An opening between the top and bottom drawer acts as a pull. This opening adds a sense of mystery and creates an intriguing interaction with the form.

The facets have been created both by hand and through the use of CNC machining. Although the piece is made of solid wood, the facets simulate characteristics of folded paper or of a box which has been crushed and remained in a tense form.

Solid wood drawer slides are used to lengthen the life of the piece rather than using mechanical drawer slides that may fail over time. Grain orientation has been carefully considered to prevent any cracking, warping and distortion over the life span of this piece.