The Keystone side tables were designed for the YMCA as part of a project in collaboration with furniture students at Sheridan College.

The students were asked to design and fabricate a variety of furniture pieces for the new Vanauly Street facility in Toronto. The students produced furniture that would best accommodate the residents of the YMCA based on information gathered through interviewing the youth and obtaining their input. Red Oak was donated for the project and was used for every piece produced - unifying all the furniture together as a collection.

After a few short weeks following an extensive research and presentation process, the students presented a large collection of pieces at the year-end open house at Sheridan College. These furniture pieces consisted of lounge seating, work stations, dining tables, cafe tables, media units, storage lockers, information boards, and side tables.

The Keystone side tables were constructed to provide temporary storage, withstand daily use, be used as a stool, and to be modular in an ever changing environment. Corian was used for all the table tops and provides a durable material that is stain resistant and easy to clean. The form of the table - keystone - allows for the tables to be oriented in a multitude of ways to shape the lounge seating area. They can be put together in pairs, or set alongside the lounge seating to create interesting spaces.