Katrina Ennamorato is a Canadian furniture and object designer from Toronto, Ontario. She has most recently graduated from the Furniture Design program at Sheridan College.

Katrina began her education at Ryerson University where she studied New Media and graduated with honours receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts. This is where she was introduced to a vast array of technological and electronic means of expressing ideas. In her final years at University Katrina took a history course covering material cultures in North America, which established a formal interest in furniture for her. Through the investigation of symbolism and material importance seen in furniture in a historical context, this course expanded her interpretation of furniture in a contemporary setting and allowed her to see the value of furniture by understanding its development.

Shortly after graduating from Ryerson University, Katrina began furthering her education at Sheridan College and her work began to take form in functional furniture objects. For Katrina, the concept of pieces that express ideas yet have a purpose is highly regarded. In today's world she believes that it is important for everything to count by means of personal worth and that everything brought into the material world should be carefully considered and developed in a way which ensures its function and value for generations. In her work this means making furniture pieces that address the absolute highest means of construction and quality to lengthen the of life of the object.

The work Katrina produces draws on ways of evaluating objects and their characteristics. Experimenting with colour, material, and form allow for her work to bring forth a unique manifestation of concepts and ideas surrounding the furniture form and its integration in a variety of environments. She believes that it is possible to create pieces that contribute to an atmosphere that promotes behaviour that engages people and instills a positive living experience.

To date, Katrina has received four various awards from the Sheridan program, and in 2013, during Toronto Design Week, she was given the opportunity to exhibit work which was recognized by Design Lines Magazine awarding her piece with a DLLoveTag, which was given to 100 carefully selected pieces throughout the week. Most recently, in 2014, Katrina exhibited a piece at Dossier, a student facilitated off-site show which also took place during Toronto Design Week.

Beginning this September, Katrina will be a resident of the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga working in the wood studio building her portfolio alongside talented makers.

Katrina hopes to continuously explore methods of understanding the role furniture plays and the ways in which furniture can enhance, define, and shape space and can develop a mode of designing environments that contribute to our lives in a constructive and enlightening way.